Tree Talk Tales


The strangest tale ever told                      Of them who band in different fold

Each fold they sing to God a song               That theirs is right and yours is wrong

They think they’er singing in the day                  But oh how far the other way

As they are like the stars at night                     So huge in size but little light

For in the day you have the sun                     And all the stars give way to one

This one is knowledge crystal clear                 They see not now and can not hear

Cause they believe with all thier eyes                 As to a mirror and think they’er wise

But by belief the earth was flat                       Till truth had put a stop to that

So by belief they change the tide                    But from truth they can not hide

The tree of life is knowledge true                      And here’s a tale they never knew

Before this tree of God could bear                     Man budded on it in great dispair

And when the bud showed signs of life                    The tree of God fell to the knife

The bud did grow into a tree                      And this is all that man can see

So now this tree that’s on God’s root                   Can only bear believing fruit

But when this tree shall rot away                  The tree of God will sprout and say

“I told you things that do appear                      Is not the way to see and hear

The mystery that’s hid so well                        The spirit of the words do tell

I gave you rules to understand                       But you applied them all to man

Your world took on a shadowed look                    From what you thought was in the book

With centuries built on this as proof                  The shadows seem more real than truth

Believe the tempting way you read                    You close your mind to truth instead

Religions all it did create                         And filled your world with wars and hate

Your world will never cease from ills                   Till knowledge from the book reveals

That everything that I had made was good                   And when this fact is understood

By syllogism is the proof                         So God could not denigh the truth

Unfolding of the mystery                        What you once thought was history

You’ll stand in awe, you’ll stand in shame                      Of all the crimes link to my name

Premeditated murder too                            With an ark to save a few

You read me as a God of war                       Who slew thousands by the score

And so your world will aways be                      The way you teach and preach of me

For as you read so will you sow                         As you are only what you know

I gave you words as food for thought                         The fow and beast I gave them naught

So you could be above them all                         But instead it was your fall

What flattery…these mortal men                          To think they invented them

Or tell me now without a doubt                         How the words all came about

Then tell me of the two that shine                         Yet never wrote a single line

Of Socrates and Jesus, too                          Of course, you say that this is true

But teaching this and not to wonder                     Something here was put assunder

The faculties to understand                          Suffered injury at your hand

Most subtil thing I ever made                           Was truth you cunningly evade

For it is truth who’s head is bruised                        Because my knowledge is refused

But truth shall rule, I set the seal                       It’s organs closely on your heal

To bruise your warring ways and strife                      Before you bring an end to life

I said that I would intervene                         Now by my words it can be seen

Yes, by the word I did it all                           The way you read became your fall

For words were at the first to seek                        But their was not a man to speak

So man was made to till this ground                       And all the written words he found

The ancient books of your foundation                        You’re the fruit and every nation

Man has failed to comprehend                          The secret of this mighty pen

How useless man and everyday                           If there was not a word to say

If there was not a word to sing                           How useless life and everything

Could I omit this gift of worth                        Which is the center of your earth

Philosophy the KEY OF SEE                           Shall prove this mathematically

By the numbers, books and word                         Such a thing you never heard

Because you read so literally                            (which is the knife that cut my tree)

And so your tree is good and bad                         And many times it’s even sad

What you believed to be your gain                       Brought divisions to your shame

But knowledge that is crystal clear                       Which is the eye and is the ear

To lead the people to my door                       Where they shall learn of war no more”

Oh tree of man, defend yourself                           Your way of life is on the shelf

The tree of man says, “Might is right                        And when compelled to war and fight

We burn and drown, we slew and slay                       But so did God to have his way

So tell me not that we do wrong                           When this is how they sing his song

For like attracts the God they teach                         And so we sow just like they preach

For we war not of what we know                        Believing things, that makes this so

. So there it is you heard the two                       Believing things and knowledge true

Yes, only God can make a tree                           But Man can change the harmony